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13/08/2016 5:29pm

New Overkill due first week of November!

New Jersey thrash legends Overkill are set to release their new album the first week of November. 'Grinding Wheel' will be the bands 18th studio album and if it is as good as their previous few albums,it is sure to be worth the wait!

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13/08/2016 5:21pm

Testament album cover!

Below is the full album cover of Testament's new album 'Brotherhood of the Snake' due out on October 28!

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13/08/2016 5:16pm

New Michael Sweet video!

Michael Sweet has just released the 2nd video from his forthcoming album 'One Sided War' due out on the 26th of August. Check out the song titled 'Golden Age' below. That is two really solid songs so far from the album. Can't wait to hear the rest!

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13/08/2016 5:09pm

Swedish metal band Sonic Syndicate to release new album in October!

Sonic Syndicate will release their 6th studio album on October 14th titled 'Confessions'. Their last album was a cracking album, so looking forward to hearing this one!

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06/08/2016 9:25am

Devin Townsend Project release new single!

Devin Townsend Project have just released their new single 'Failure' which is from their upcoming new album 'Transcendence' which is released on September 2nd. This has a really cool groove throughout and a really sweet guitar solo that gives it a 70s/80s vibe. I am loving it, and cannot wait for the new album!

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05/08/2016 8:13pm

Classic Clip of the Week!

This week it is Canadian hard rock band Harem Scarem. Hugely under rated back in the day, and are still massively under appreciated and making great music. This track 'Die Off Hard' comes from the 1997 album Karma Cleansing. While the 90s weren't great for hard rock in the charts, bands like Harem Scarem were still making some cracking albums. The band are still going strong with their most recent studio release, the 2014 album 'Thirteen' being a great mix of 80s hard rock with a modern edge to it. The band still sound fantastic, and this song is a gem from their 4th album. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, shame on you. Go buy all their albums starting with the 1991 self titled debut. In the mean time, check this video out and wash away any dirty feelings the 90s might have left on you...
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05/08/2016 7:53pm

Morbid Angel set to return in 2017!

Legendary death/thrash metal band Morbid Angel are set to return to the studio in 2017! Check out the link below for more details...
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05/08/2016 7:47pm

Delain release new lyric video!

Dutch symphonic metal band Delain have just released a new lyric video 'The Glory and the Scum' from their upcoming album Moonbathers due out August 26th. Check it out!

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05/08/2016 7:40pm

Testament release album cover for new album!

Thrash metal legends Testament have just released the album cover from their forthcoming album 'The Brotherhood of the Snake' which is due out on October 28.

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05/08/2016 7:26pm

Tyketto to release new album in October!

Hard rock band Tyketto featuring original members Danny Vaughn(vocals) and Michael Clayton Arbeeny(drums) will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band by releasing a brand new album titled 'Reach' on October the 14th! Cannot wait! Here is the track listing:

01. Reach
02. Big Money
03. Kick Like A Mule
04. Circle The Wagons
05. I Need It Now
06. Tearing Down The Sky
07. Letting Go
08. The Fastest Man Alive
09. Remember My Name
10. Sparks Will Fly
11. Scream
12. The Run
13. Precious Little Gets Away (digital bonus track)

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