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02/08/2016 5:56pm

Rev Theory to release new album!

Modern rock band Rev Theory will release a new album on September 9th titled 'The Revelation'. Check out the cool new song 'Guns' below from the upcoming album!

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02/08/2016 5:51pm

Hard rock band Hardline to release Human Nature in October!

Hardline featuring original member and Axel Rudi Pell vocalist Johnny Gioeli, will release a new album titled 'Human Nature' on October 14th. The band promises to release an album that is as good as their 1992 classic 'Double Eclipse'. Time will tell..

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02/08/2016 5:33pm

DGM featuring Evergrey's Tom Englund on vocals

Italian prog metal band DGM have just released a new song titled 'Ghost of Insanity' which features Tom Englund from Evergrey. Their new album 'The Passage' is out August 28th.

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29/07/2016 10:42am

Heavy metal from India!

Kryptos have been around since the late 90's releasing 3 albums that can be labelled along the lines of NWOBHM bordering on thrash at times. Check out their new video titled 'Full Throttle' which is pretty bloody good! It is from the bands upcoming album 'Burn Up The Night' which will be released on September 23rd.

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29/07/2016 10:27am

Evergrey release new single!

'Distance' is the new single from the forthcoming Evergrey album that is released on the 9th of September. Check out the new video for that track below!

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27/07/2016 10:01pm

Classic Clip of the Week!

You know those times when you get in a bad mood when your sporting team loses or when your favourite tv show gets cancelled? That is how I felt when i heard Before The Dawn would no longer be making albums. They are such an under rated band that weaved amazing melodies into some crunching and dark music. Hailing from Finland, the band released 7 amazing albums between 2003 and 2012. Tuomas Saukkonen is the mastermind who pretty much made all the music for the albums and did the growling vocals. This video 'Deadsong' comes from the 2007 'Deadlight' album which saw the band gain some momentum among the metal community. The band officially split up in 2013 and Tuomas has been hard at work releasing his 'Wolfheart' albums which are definitely worth a listen. If you haven't heard Before The Dawn before now, check out this video and enjoy discovering this great under appreciated band from Scandinavia!

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27/07/2016 5:15pm

Legendary German rock band Scorpions to tour Australia for the first time ever!

Amazingly German hard rock band Scorpions have been around for 50 years! Even more amazing is that they have never toured Australia. Well, that is about to change as they are coming for one night only in Melbourne(sorry rest of Australia) at the Palais Theatre on October 18. Cannot wait!!!
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27/07/2016 5:08pm

Tango Down to release new album!

Hard rock band Tango Down will release their new album 'Bulletproof' next month. The cracking new single 'Punching Bag' from the album featuring Chas West on vocals sounds very promising!! Check it out!
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27/07/2016 5:03pm

Extreme celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pornograffitti

Boston hard rockers Extreme will release a live CD/BluRay plus documentary celebrating 25 years of their famous album Pornograffitti on September 23. Below is a taste of what to expect. Cannot wait!!

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24/07/2016 10:37am

Escape The Fate to tour Australia!

Nevada rock band Escape The Fate will tour Australia this coming October in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth...

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