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23/07/2016 7:16pm

Korn to release Serenity in Suffering on October 21...

Korn will release their 12th studio album titled 'Serenity in Suffering' on October 21st. The band have just released the 1st video from the album titled 'Rotting In Vain' which continues the great return to form that the previous album made. Check it out!

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23/07/2016 7:00pm

Michael Sweet premiers new video!

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has just released the 1st single 'Bizarre' from his upcoming album 'One Sided War' due out the 26th of August. Check out the blistering new song below!

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23/07/2016 6:50pm

80's hard rock is still alive with Palace!

The debut album from Swedish hard rockers Palace is due August 28th and it is shaping up to be a cracking 80s hard rock type of album. Here is the 2nd track 'Part Of Me' released from the upcoming album. Check it out...

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23/07/2016 6:41pm

New Tesla song!

Tesla have just released a new track titled 'Save That Goodness', and it is much better than anything from their last album. This will be a bonus track on the upcoming live album 'Mechanical Resonance Live' due August 26th. Check out the new song at the link below...
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19/07/2016 5:38pm

How would you rank the Foo Fighter albums?

Here is my order:

8. Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
7. One By One
6. Foo Fighters
5. In Your Honor
4. Sonic Highways
3. There Is Nothing Left To Lose
2. Wasting Light
1. The Colour And The Shape

The Colour and the Shape is easily the best FF record with so many big hits and a solid list of songs from start to finish. Wasting Light was a really solid record as well. I feel Sonic Highways is their most ambitious album and the accompanying documentary is something every FF fan should watch. You could nearly throw a blanket over the last 4 albums although for me Echoes.. had 3 really good songs and the rest of the album was poor. Their debut album still had too many elements of grunge for my liking as good as some of the songs were. I certainly feel after 8 albums, there is a big quality gap between the bands top 4 albums and there worst 4 albums...

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19/07/2016 5:16pm

Opeth to release 12th studio album in September!

Swedish progressive metal band Opeth will unleash 'Sorceress' on the world on September 30th! Tracklisting is below:

1. “Persephone”
2. “Sorceress”
3. “The Wilde Flowers”
4. “Will o the Wisp”
5. “Chrysalis”
6. “Sorceress 2″
7. “The Seventh Sojourn”
8. “Strange Brew”
9. “A Fleeting Glance”
10. “Era”
11. “Persephone (Slight Return)”

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19/07/2016 1:06pm

James Durbin releases Riot On Sunset.

American Idol contestant James Durbin has just released his third and by far heaviest solo album titled 'Riot On Sunset'. Check out the video below of the single 'Smackdown' from the album!

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19/07/2016 12:53pm

Mitch Malloy releases new rock video!

Mitch Malloy who was the lead singer in Van Halen for 5 minutes, has released a new video for the song 'My Therapy' which is from the upcoming album 'Making Noise. Check it out...

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19/07/2016 12:28pm

Aussie band Dreadnaught to release new album!

Dreadnaught are set to release their 7th studio album this Friday. Check out the new lyric video for the song 'Set Fire To The Plan' which is from their forthcoming album 'Caught The Vultures Sleeping'...

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17/07/2016 11:50am

Dope to release first album since 2009!

American industrial metal band Dope will finally release the long awaited follow up to their 2009 album 'No Regrets'. 'Blood Money Part 1' will be released on October 28th and you can check out the new video for the track Blood Money below...

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