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08/06/2016 9:04pm

Alter Bridge signs to Napalm Records ahead of new album!

Alter Bridge are currently working on their fifth album and have just signed a new deal with Napalm Records. The band are again turning to Michael “Elvis” Baskette for production duties. Cannot wait for this one as the last album kicked some serious ass!

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08/06/2016 8:58pm

Bill Ward begins again..

Ex-Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has just launched a new band called 'Day of Errors'. Check out the information at the below address...
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08/06/2016 8:55pm

Sum 41 to release new album in October.

Canadian rockers Sum 41 will release '13 Voices' on October 7th which will be their first album since 2011's 'Scream Bloody Murder'. It will also be the first album since lead vocalist Deryck Whibley was told if he had one more drop of alcohol he could die due to kidney and liver failure. Should be plenty of material to draw on..
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08/06/2016 8:46pm

Unruly Child working on new album!

Hard rock band featuring Mark Free(King Kobra), Guy Allison(Doobie Brothers) and Jay Schellen (Hurricane) are working on a brand new album. Great news as it has been far too long (2010) since their great album 'Worlds Collide'.
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08/06/2016 8:33pm

Joey Jordison's new band Vimic releases new video.

'My Fate' is the new song released by ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison's band Vimic. Cool song, check it out...

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08/06/2016 8:28pm

Twisted Sister Documentary!

If you were ever a fan of the New York hard rock band Twisted Sister you should check out there latest documentary titled 'We are Twisted 'F***ing Sister'. I finally had the time to check it out and it is a seriously good doco. Really sheds a lot of light on the early days of the band and goes for over 2 hours with plenty of footage of the band in the early club days.

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02/06/2016 4:24pm

Decade of Dio box set coming soon!

A new box set featuring the first six Dio solo albums remastered will be released on July 22nd. Titled 'A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993' will also be released as a vinyl box set later in the year on October 4th.

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02/06/2016 11:54am

Machine Head release new stand alone single

American heavy metal band Machine Head will release a brand new stand alone single titled 'Is there anybody out there?' tomorrow. Check out the song below and also the making of via Youtube...
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31/05/2016 11:12pm

Classic Clip of the Week!

1993 - Savatage - 'Edge of Thorns'! The first album to feature the monster vocals of Zak Stevens and unfortunately the last to feature the hugely under rated guitar talents of Criss Oliva. Such a great song, and a great album. Savatage themselves have a rabid following yet I feel are still very under rated in the metal world. If you like this song, check out the rest of the bands amazing back catalogue before and after 'Edge of Thorns'!

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31/05/2016 10:59pm

Lars says new Metallica album will be completed in the coming months...

Hurry up already! Sheesh! This will want to be worth the wait! Read what he had to say below..

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