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31/05/2016 10:53pm

Gene The Werewolf release new video!

Hard rockers Gene the Werewolf have just released a really cool animated video for their new song 'The Walking Dead'. Their new album titled 'The Loner' will be released June 17..

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31/05/2016 10:45pm

Ex - The Haunted vocalist in new band!

Peter Dolving has been fairly quiet since leaving Swedish metal band The Haunted, but now has popped up in a new band called 'Dress The Dead' with Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero. Definitely keen to hear what this will sound like..
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31/05/2016 10:37pm

Another new Joey Jordison project!

Looks like Joey Jordison is keeping busy with another metal project called Sinsaenum who have just released a video titled 'Army of Chaos'. Their debut album 'Echoes of the Tortured' will be released July 29.

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31/05/2016 10:31pm

New Gojira video - Silvera

Silvera is the new video released by French metal band Gojira from the forthcoming album 'Magma' due out June 17th...

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25/05/2016 10:10am

The Dead Daisies to release new album in August!

American hard rock band The Dead Daisies featuring John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza and Brian Tichy will release their third album titled 'Make Some Noise' on the 8th of August.
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24/05/2016 11:22pm

Train releases Led Zeppelin covers album!

The San Franciso band Train who took the world by storm with 'Drops of Jupiter' many moons ago, is releasing a Led Zeppelin covers album on June 3rd. Train will release the album 'Does Led Zeppelin II' which covers the brilliant Led Zeppelin II album from start to finish. Not sure what to think about this one...
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24/05/2016 11:13pm

Tony Harnell back in TNT

After his short stint in Skid Row, vocalist Tony Harnell is returning to TNT where he had some relative success in the 80s and 90s. Good news a I just didn't feel he was a great fit for Skid Row. Looking forward to hearing what the band can do together as the last time they released a studio album together was the 'All The Way To The Sun' album way back in 2005...
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23/05/2016 2:28pm

Lamb Of God to open for Slipknot in Australia!

Legendary American metal act Lamb Of God will perform with Slipknot on the forthcoming NZ and Australian tour...
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23/05/2016 1:59pm

RIP Nick Menza aged 51.

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza has passed away aged 51. Reports are coming in that he had a heart attack while performing with his band OHM in California. Former band mate and Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has paid tribute to the drummer. Check it out below. Very sad news as Nick was a part of making the music that has become a soundtrack to my life. Thoughts go out to his family and friends..
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20/05/2016 2:53pm

Def Leppard guitarist to produce next Tesla album!

Phil Collen will produce the next Tesla album. The big question is, will Phil be wearing a shirt during the recording process? Can't wait to hear the results as I thought the last Tesla album was disappointing.

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