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20/05/2016 2:41pm

Symphony X to tour Sydney and Melbourne for the first time ever!

For the first time ever, US progressive metal band Symphony X will play in Australia! Unfortunately only Sydney and Melbourne get to host this amazing band, so if you live interstate, book yourselves a short holiday and come see these guys. I have no doubt it will be amazing... October 11th Melbourne
October 12th Sydney
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18/05/2016 11:02am

Classic Clip of the Week!

This week's classic clip of the week comes from Philadelphia hard rock band Cinderella. 'Gypsy Road' was only one of the great tracks on the bands under rated classic album 'Long Cold Winter'. The band had some success especially in the states, but deserved to be bigger than what they were. Good to see both guitarist Jeff LaBar and vocalist Tom Kiefer release solo albums in recent times too. Talented band. Check it out..

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18/05/2016 10:46am

New Devin Townsend Project album set for September 2nd!!

A new Devin Townsend Project album titled 'Transcendence' will have a world wide release date of September 2nd. I for one cannot wait!!
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17/05/2016 3:17pm

Queensryche to work on new album early next year..

In a recent interview, guitarist for Queensryche Michael Wilton mentioned that the band will start work on a new album at the start of 2017. Good to see the band keep the momentum they have going. Check out the interview via the link below...
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17/05/2016 2:01pm

Ted Poley - 'Higher' video from new album 'Beyond The Fade'

Lead singer of Danger Danger and all round great guy, Ted Poley has just released a new solo album titled 'Beyond The Fade'. It is a really good mix of his solo era material and the classic hard rock sound from Danger Danger. Check out the video below of 'Higher' which features on the new album which is a cracking album. Interview with Ted coming soon too...

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17/05/2016 1:50pm

English hard rock band Vega release new album

Another cool under rated band Vega have just released their new album 'Who We Are' which is another really cool slice of hard rock that should appeal to fans of all ages. Check out their new video 'White Flag' which is from the new album...
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17/05/2016 1:43pm

New song from modern rock band Needtobreathe

Under rated modern rock band from South Carolina Needtobreathe are set to release their brand new album titled 'Hard Love' on July 15th. After opening for Taylor Swift last year, the band have got some major exposure in the states which is great, but I hope the pop influence doesn't creep too much into their music. This new song is called 'Happiness'. Check it out...

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17/05/2016 1:33pm

New DevilDriver video

The new DevilDriver album 'Trust No One' is out now, and the band have just released a brand new video for the cracking song 'Daybreak'. The video is really cool too. Check it out...

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17/05/2016 1:26pm

New band Vimic featuring former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison

Check out the new video from the as yet untitled forthcoming new album from Joey Jordison's new band Vimic. The song is called 'She Sees Everything'. Cool song and not a bad video either!

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10/05/2016 2:13pm

New Ugly Kid Joe video...

Ugly Kid Joe have just released a new video for their song 'Under The Bottom' which features Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell. The song comes from the latest UKJ album titled 'Uglier Than They Used Ta Be' which is actually a pretty cool album. Check it out...

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