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06/05/2016 12:30pm

Angus and Axl appear for the first time!

Angus, Cliff and Axl have just released a short video to the people of Lisbon about their upcoming show, which will see Axl Rose front the band for the first time. Check it out at the website below..
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04/05/2016 3:55pm

Andy Black (Black Veil Brides vocalist) to tour Australia...

Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Black(Andy Biersack) is releasing his first solo record this Friday May the 6th titled 'The Shadow Side'. To coincide with the release of the album, Andy has just announced his first ever tour to Australia as a solo artist. He will be playing all major cities in late August and tickets go on sale on the 10th of August...
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03/05/2016 8:34pm

Tower Records Documentary

If you used to frequent record stores, or still do for that matter, then you must check this very cool documentary called 'All Things Must Pass'. The director is Colin Hanks(yes Tom's son) and the movie covers the rise and fall of Tower Records. I really enjoyed the movie and it also has some big named guests such as Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell and Elton John. If you can track it down, it is definitely worth a watch...

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02/05/2016 4:39pm

The Used proving popular in Australia!

Tickets to The Used concerts planned for November and December in Australia are selling quicker than organisers expected with larger venues having to be found for some cities. The Used will play 2 nights in each city it visits playing the 'self titled' album in full one night to celebrate its 15 year anniversary, and also the 'In Love and Death' album in full the 2nd night..

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02/05/2016 11:57am

Prince tributes continue with Evanescence covering 'Purple Rain'.

Evanescence recently paid tribute in Orlando to Prince with Amy Lee playing piano to Prince's classic hit song 'Purple Rain'...

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02/05/2016 11:46am

Jorn releases new video from forthcoming covers album...

Jorn has just released a new video from the forthcoming covers album 'Heavy Rock Radio' which is released on June 3. The song is a cover of Frida's(ABBA) 1982 solo song 'I Know There's Something Going On'. I've seen better video's but the metalized cover is actually pretty cool. Check it out...

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01/05/2016 11:25am

Death Angel releases another new video from forthcoming album..

Californian thrash band Death Angel have just released a brand new video from the forthcoming album 'The Evil Divide'. The song 'Hatred United/United Hate' is a monster of a song and is just a taste of what is on the new album due on May 27th...
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01/05/2016 11:18am

Lzzy Hale performs 'Dear Daughter' solo..

Lzzy Hale from Halestorm has performed the song 'Dear Daughter' on piano recently for a small group of people at the Atlantic offices in New York. The song is featured on their latest album 'Into The Wild Life'...
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01/05/2016 11:00am

Chris Ousey - Dream Machine album...

Not sure I will get around to reviewing this album or not, but I thought i'd mention that the new Chris Ousey album 'Dream Machine' is out now and it is a cracking hard rock album. If you like your old school rock from the 70s and 80s, then this is for you. Check out the awesome song 'Another Runaway' from the album below...

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29/04/2016 7:39pm

SIXX:A.M. album 'Prayers For The Damned Vol. 1' is out today!

SIXX:A.M. have released their new opus 'Prayers For The Damned vol.1' and it is a cracker. First single from the album 'Rise' can be heard below...

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