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29/04/2016 7:31pm

More to come from Motley Crue!!

Motley Crue may have retired from touring, however bassist Nikki Sixx says the band will continue to be around in our lives for years to come. The band plan on releasing a DVD of their final show in LA and also a boxset full of goodies. They also finally plan on releasing the long awaited movie to their unbelievable biography 'The Dirt' soon...
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28/04/2016 4:28pm

New Blink-182 without Tom DeLonge

July 1st will see the release of the new Blink-182 album titled 'California'. It will be the first album to feature Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba who replaces original member Tom DeLonge. New song 'Bored To Death' can be seen below..

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27/04/2016 7:58pm

Classic Clip of the Week!

Shotgun Messiah hailed from Sweden and moved to Hollywood California. A band I rate nearly as highly as Skid Row, yet extremely under rated, these guys made a self titled debut album that was all Poison like glam rock, then moved to a more hard rock sound with this album 'Second Coming', before moving to an industrial metal sound with their final record 'Violent New Breed'. Like Skid Row, all their albums were different with a real progression in sound, yet all albums were really solid. Tim Skold who moved to vocals for the second album ended up in Marilyn Manson's band for awhile and currently has a new solo album out titled 'The Undoing'. Harry Cody K. Cody remains one of the most under rated guitarists of the hard rock scene. This video 'Heartbreak Blvd' is pure early 90s hard rock bliss. Enjoy...

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27/04/2016 7:24pm

Megadeth release 360° video!!

Thrash legends Megadeth have just released a 360° video for their new single 'Poisonous Shadows'. Not only is the video kick ass, but it is one of the best songs on the fantastic new album 'Dystopia' as well. Check it out..

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26/04/2016 7:51pm

Queensryche announce Australian tour!!

Australian fans have waited 5 long years to see Queensryche return to our country, and the band have just announced a tour for October as previously mentioned on this site. Below is a recent interview with founding guitarist Michael Wilton on the latest album, new line up and the tour to Australia.
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23/04/2016 11:50am

Prince obituary from a fan.

This is really worth a read if you were a Prince fanatic or admired him from afar. Fan Simon Price writes a really descriptive and heartfelt obituary to Prince...
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22/04/2016 8:02pm

Gojira releases new video and release date for new album!

French metal band Gojira will be releasing one of the most anticipated metal albums for 2016 on June 17th titled 'Magma'. And if the new single 'Stranded' is anything to go by, this will be a monster of an album!! Wow!!
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22/04/2016 7:48pm

Seattle rockers Candlebox album out today!

'Disappearing In Airports' is released today and if the song below 'Vexatious' is anything to go by, it should be a cracking album..

BTW - For anyone who cares, Vexatious means 'causing annoyance or frustration'. I had to look up the meaning :)
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22/04/2016 7:39pm

RIP Prince 1958 - 2016

So sad to hear of another legend passing away too soon. Although not necessarily classed as a rock musician, Prince was hugely underrated as a guitarist and influenced so many rock musicians. The guy was an immense talent and easily one of my favourite artists from outside the rock genre. Incredible loss to the music world. Attached is his performance from the 2007 Halftime Super Bowl show which will go down as possibly the greatest ever halftime show the NFL will ever see.

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20/04/2016 8:11pm

Brian Johnson responds with official statement..

Brian Johnson has released an official statement in regards to his departure from AC/DC. As always, the man is full of class. Read his official statement from the link below...

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