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19/04/2016 4:39pm

Deftones land at #2 on the Billboard charts thanks to 'Gore'!

Deftones lands in at #2 on the Billboard charts with their latest release 'Gore'. This is the bands highest Billboard chart entry since their 2003 self titled album which managed the same feat. Great effort!!

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19/04/2016 4:33pm

Pearl Jam play 'Vs' album in its entirety!

Rockers Pearl Jam has played an album in full live for only the third time in their career. Fans in Greenville South Carolina witnessed something very rare from Pearl Jam as they smashed their way through the whole 'Vs' album as well as another whopping 20 songs.

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18/04/2016 7:56pm

Black Sabbath footage from Perth.

Black Sabbath are currently making their way across Australia on their farewell tour titled 'The End'. Below is some footage of the band hitting the stage in Perth. Tracklist for the show was as follows:

01. Black Sabbath
02. Fairies Wear Boots
03. After Forever
04. Snowblind
05. Into The Void
06. War Pigs
07. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
08. N.I.B.
09. Hand Of Doom
10. Rat Salad
11. Iron Man
12. Dirty Women
13. Children Of The Grave


14. Paranoid

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17/04/2016 3:32pm

Saliva to release new album 'Love, Lies & Therapy'...

Memphis rock band Saliva will release their ninth album titled Love, Lies & Therapy on June 10. The 12 new songs will also feature the Michael Jackson song 'They Don't Care About Us'.
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17/04/2016 2:29pm

Melodicrockfest comes to Melbourne!!

Andrew at has been part of the melodic rock scene for years now and has organised festivals overseas several times over the past few years. Now he is bringing the festival here to Australia at St.Kilda in Melbourne. It will go over 2 days on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May and include overseas hard rock acts such as Eclipse, Paul Laine and Erik Gronwall from H.E.A.T. Local acts such as the reformed BB Steal, Black Majesty, Vanishing Point and White Widdow will also perform spread across the 2 nights. Who knows if we are ever likely to have these 3 overseas artists back, so buy a ticket, and go support the local acts as well as witnessing something to possibly never be seen again with the mighty Eclipse, Paul Laine and Erik Gronwall on the same bill in Australia..
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17/04/2016 2:13pm

Axl confirmed to take over from Brian Johnson in AC/DC!!

AC/DC have released a statement thanking Brian Johnson for his time with the band while welcoming Axl Rose as his replacement to cover some big headlining dates. Really not sure what to think of this. Until we hear from Brian Johnson, I'll reserve judgement..
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17/04/2016 9:46am

Classic Clip of the Week!

Australian hard rock band Demont came and went in the blink of an eye in the late 80s early 90s, however their debut album 'Body Language' was an album that stacked up with the overseas guns of hard rock at the time. Sadly the band parted not long after, only releasing one other album titled R.I.P.ED (title alluding to the band breaking up) which only had a handful of new tracks, albeit bloody good ones (track down the song 'Wildfire' if you can, it is a super hard rock song). This video 'So Easy' slots in nicely with all the big power ballads that were taking over MTV and radio at the time. Shame the band didn't go on to bigger and better things..

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17/04/2016 9:26am

Guitar Cheese Grater!

What every rock n roll household needs...
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17/04/2016 9:19am

Queensryche to tour Australia?

Get excited Australian Queensryche fans, as it looks like the band are coming to our shores in October! Official dates to be released soon..
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16/04/2016 12:56pm

Get your arses to your favourite record store today!

Support your local record stores today and help them celebrate Record Store Day. Bargains to be had in every store and new music to explore as well as gigs and giveaways. So what are you waiting for??

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