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28/12/2016 8:36am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 6

#6 Devin Townsend - Failure

Devin Townsend is a genius. Incredible songwriter, vocalist and underrated guitarist, the man can do pretty much anything when it comes to creating music. This track has a great retro feel to it. You could even say it has a classic rock vibe throughout with a huge guitar solo as well. If you haven't checked out Devin Townsend before, shame on you! Seriously, go get anything from his back catalog and prepare to be floored! Check out this epic track below, my 6th favourite track of 2016!

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28/12/2016 8:29am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 7

#7 Metallica - Halo Of Fire

There are a number of highlights on the Metallica album, Atlas, Rise! was probably most unlucky to miss this list, however for me, Halo Of Fire has a great mix of Load era with early Metallica which makes the song fun to to listen to. Just has a nice groove to the whole song like a Hero Of The Day, yet also has a Fade To Black thing happening throughout as well. I can also hear some classic Thin Lizzy in this song. The video is a lot of fun too, so check it out below and put up the devil horns for my 7th best song of 2016!

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28/12/2016 8:20am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 8

#8 Death Angel - The Moth

Some really great music in 2016 for the old school thrash fan, and this was right up there as far as quality goes. Heavy, fast, old school thrash metal with that classic Death Angel sound. The band sound as great as ever. Was a personal year highlight of mine talking to Rob Cavestany from the band and you should check out the interview on the interviews link to hear how excited he was to release new music for his fans. Check out the amazing first single from the album below which was my 8th best track of 2016!

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28/12/2016 8:13am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 9

#9 Dream Theater - Our New World

The Astonishing album was such a dividing album for Dream Theater fans. In a way this single was as well. It is one of the bands most poppy feeling track they have ever done, but they do it so well, it just stays in your head for hours after hearing it. The re-release of it with Lzzy Hale on vocals was a nice touch as well and worth checking out. This track at the end of the double album nearly saved what was a tough album for me to get into. Check out the video for this great song below!

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28/12/2016 8:06am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 10

#10 Ghost - Square Hammer

Not a huge Ghost fan, but this track is something special. Creepy feel to it but at the same time incredibly infectious with a 70s/80s production vibe. This song makes me want to go back and give this bands back catalog another listen. Check out the song below!

28/12/2016 7:59am

Top 30 songs of 2016! Number 11

#11 Vega - Explode (see below for the song. This is a just a classic 80s hard rock feel with a great riff that drives the song along and a huge arena singalong chorus)

24/12/2016 11:00pm

Top 30 songs of 2016! Numbers 20 - 11

#20 Gojira - Silvera (Not sure how you can pack so much epicness into a 3 and a half minute song, but Gojira managed it with Silvera.)

#19 Sixx A.M - Rise (So many great songs from two discs, but the first single Rise is just a classic anthemic hard rock song.)

#18 Megadeth - The Threat Is Real (The opening track that hits you between the eyes to start the album off. This is the pick of many great tracks from a return to form album by these thrash legends.)

#17 Enuff Z'Nuff - She Makes It Harder (If you look past the poor production from this old 'found' song, this will remind you just how underrated these guys are in writing really cool hard rock songs.)

#16 Black Stone Cherry - Soul Machine (Arguably the best song these guys have ever done. Just a really cool groove on this with a monster chorus that takes it over the edge.)

#15 Testament - Pale King (Classic Testament with a storming groove that takes you back to the thrash of the 80s. These guys never disappoint.)

#14 Primal Fear - The End Is Near (This song is more Judas Priest than Rob Halford riding a motorcycle on stage in his leathers! Stomping track that has a raise your fist and yell vibe.)

#13 Anthrax - Breathing Lightning (Easily the best song on the album. Builds nicely and has a chorus that Joey sings the shit out of.)

#12 Mystic Prophecy - Burning Out (Known as a power metal band, but this track is a thrash monster! Huge riff that makes you just wa

24/12/2016 5:37pm

Top 30 songs of 2016! Numbers 30 - 21

#30 In Flames - Us Against The World (This was the highlight from a pretty solid album, and yes it was also a bonus track!)

#29 Pretty Maids - King Of The Right Here And Now (Huge riff and arguably the heaviest song on yet another super album.)

#28 Hardline - Running On Empty (A driving hard rock tune that is as close to the quality of their debut album you are going to get.)

#27 Treat - Too Late To Die Young (Another rocking song from these veteran Swedish hard rockers with a huge chorus.)

#26 Green Day - Still Breathing (IMO this is the best song the band have made since the Nimrod album.)

#25 Goo Goo Dolls - Over And Over (Modern sounding, but a really cool track. Unfortunately it is the only decent track on the album.)

#24 Last In Line - I Am Revolution (Huge huge song that Ronnie James Dio would be totally proud of. The whole album is killer.)

#23 Tesla - Save That Goodness (A bonus track tacked onto the end of their latest live album. But this is a great song that nails their early years sound and feel.)

#22 Nordic Union - Falling (What happens when Pretty Maids and Eclipse come together? Greatness. This is a very melodic but really cool track that you can't help singing along to.)

#21 Zakk Wylde - Lost Prayer (The highlight for me from Book Of Shadows II which shows his mellow side. This is as good as anything Zakk has done before. Check it out below!)

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24/12/2016 5:06pm


Well...another year vanishes before our eyes. With the deaths of Prince, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, we lost some amazing talent who influenced rock musicians all over the world. We also lost the amazing talents of Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder which added to the grieving...

For some, 2016 was chock full of great music releases, while for others maybe not so much. I've compiled a list of my top 30 songs and albums for the year which I will post here over the coming days. Looking at the list, I'd say 2016 was a pretty damn good one for hard rock and metal. 2017 is shaping up to get off to a good start too with releases by Kreator, Overkill and Black Star Riders. I've heard all three albums and they will definitely satisfy fans of those bands...

So I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas with your loved ones. I hope Santa leaves some nice music related gifts under your Christmas trees!

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23/12/2016 12:30pm

Legends Deep Purple to release new album in 2017!

Deep Purple will release a new album titled 'Infinite' on April 7th. Check out the lead single from the album below titled 'Time For Bedlam'! Sounds great! The cover art is a little close to some of Devin Townsend's artwork for his albums, but still looks cool.

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