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31/03/2016 6:05pm

The Playbook deserve your attention!!

Every now and again we will introduce an independent band or artist that are seriously worthy to be among the big name artists on this site, yet don't have the exposure they fully deserve. The Playbook are a Melbourne band who should be at the very least supporting bands like Rise Against and Paramore and creating tunes on a major music label's dime, not their own. So check out their music, buy their songs, like them onm facebook, go to their gigs and support these guys anyway you can. The recent songs and videos with new singer Laura really are killer!
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30/03/2016 8:27pm

Fan gets outed by Disturbed frontman for texting during the show.

Lead singer for the band Disturbed singled out a girl during one of their shows recently for messaging on her phone. Really not sure how I feel about this. Check out the footage and make up your own minds..

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30/03/2016 8:09pm

New song from upcoming Black Stone Cherry album!

Black Stone Cherry are releasing their new album 'Kentucky' in the coming days. Attached is the behind the scenes look at their new single 'Soul Machine' which is a cracking new song! Review coming soon...
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30/03/2016 8:03pm

Zakk Wylde steps back into the shadows

Guitar god Zakk Wylde is close to releasing Book of Shadows II. The 1996 Book of Shadows album showed a softer side of Zakk's ability as an artist and was full of emotion and heart. But most of all it was full of great songs. If 'Lost Prayer' (see below) is anything to go by, we are in for another amazing album..

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27/03/2016 11:09pm

Axl to replace Brian Johnson as singer for AC/DC?

Fact or fiction? Either way it is dividing the fanbase of AC/DC. What is your opinion? If Brian can't tour anymore, would you go see AC/DC with Axl on vocals? Time will tell..
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27/03/2016 10:58pm

Guns N' Roses reunion summer tour reveals cities

Guns N' Roses have released a short clip revealing the cities that will be visited by the band this summer in the USA. Rumors are circulating about Steven Adler playing some part of the reunion. Good news if true..
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26/03/2016 10:28am

Metal Gods release live cd and dvd

Judas Priest has just released a live CD/DVD from their August 2015 show at the Wacken Open Air Festival titled 'Battle Cry. Priest classics are included such as Breaking The Law, Painkiller, You've Got Another Thing Coming, Hell Bent For Leather, Electric Eye and Metal Gods.

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25/03/2016 10:35am

Classic Clip of the Week!

Tyketto - Forever Young.

Kick-ass hard rock from the early 90s. Back when it was cool to have hair on your head and not on your face!

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25/03/2016 10:15am

Have a safe and happy Easter Break!

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24/03/2016 6:51pm

German metalcore band Caliban release new album Gravity.

Metalcore in Germany is alive and well with Caliban releasing another gem of an album 'Gravity' which somehow combines brutality mixed in with beautiful melodies. Check it out if you love your music heavy!

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