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24/03/2016 6:39pm

First Signal second time around..

Melodic rock band First Signal will release a second album titled 'One Step Over The Line'. After the bands impressive debut, expectations are high. First Signal features Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess. Check out the video from their debut album.

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24/03/2016 2:03pm

Aussie rock legends return!

The Screaming Jets will release 'Chrome' on the 5th of May. This will be their first album since the 2008 album 'Do Ya' The Chrome Tour of Australia will begin on the 6th of May in Victoria in Hallam. Check out the bands website for more details..
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23/03/2016 4:02pm

New band American Wolves release new single.

American Wolves release new video Part Of Me which will be on an upcoming 5 song Ep. Good to see new heavy bands coming through with strong material for the younger(and older) generation..

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23/03/2016 3:54pm

Good time rock'n'roll gets The Treatment!

English hard rock band The Treatment have just released a very cool album titled Generation Me. Check out the lead single...

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23/03/2016 3:46pm

Power Ballad time!

Incredible vocalist Miljenko Matijevic has released a single from a Korean TV Show. He has released the song under his bands name Steelheart and showcases his incredible range. Miljenko provided vocals for the Mark Wahlberg movie Rockstar as well as releasing several albums with his hard rock band Steelheart. Check out the video, it's a cool song..

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23/03/2016 3:34pm

Mystic Prophecy go to war!

German power metal band Mystic Prophecy have released their new killer album 'War Brigade'. Anyone who loves power metal should take off your swords and shields and check these guys out. Review coming soon..

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23/03/2016 3:28pm

Amon Amarth new album out this Friday

Jomsviking is out Friday the 25th! Here is their latest video to get you excited! Beards, axes and heavy metal! What more do you want in a video???

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23/03/2016 3:19pm

Legion Music Festival gets green light

Crowd funded Legion Music Festival is now fully funded and will go ahead next January in Australia. Some bands attending are DevilDriver, Devil You Know, Lordi and Darkest Hour. Check out the website for more details..
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23/03/2016 3:10pm

Disturbed to tour Australia!

Disturbed are set to announce Australian tour dates next week. Good news for those who were looking forward to seeing them at the now cancelled Soundwave festival.

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22/03/2016 3:18pm

Meet 'The Defiants'

Former Danger Danger bandmates Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello have come together to form The Defiants who's new album will drop April 15th. If you love classic AOR and hard rock from the 80s, then checking this band out is an absolute must!

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