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11/11/2016 7:50pm

Testament release 'The Pale King' video!

Another Bay area legendary thrash band Testament have released their new album 'Brotherhood of the Snake', and have released a new video from the album 'The Pale King', which is a cracker. Check it out below...

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11/11/2016 7:47pm

Atlas, Rise!

In case you've been living under a rock, Metallica have released their third single from their forthcoming album 'Hardwired...To Self-Destruct' due November 18th. Check out the cool song below...

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30/10/2016 8:33am

Is this one of the coolest rock pics of all time?

Air Force One meets Aero Force One! President Obama and Aerosmith met by chance on the tarmac of the airport in Florida recently. This pic of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry chatting to President Obama is a really cool photo! What do you think they were discussing? Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll? Or boring political stuff??

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30/10/2016 8:22am

German thrash metal legends Kreator release artwork and tracklisting to Gods of Violence!

Check out the artwork below from the forthcoming Kreator album 'Gods of Violence'! The album is out January 27th via Nuclear Blast Records and the track listing is as follows:

01. Apocalypticon
02. World War Now
03. Satan Is Real
04. Totalitarian Terror
05. Gods Of Violence
06. Army Of Storms
07. Hail To The Hordes
08. Lion With Eagle Wings
09. Fallen Brother
10. Side By Side
11. Death Becomes My Light

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30/10/2016 8:12am

You Me At Six new album coming in 2017.

You Me At Six are releasing their fifth studio album on January 13th next year titled 'Night People'. Check out the title track from the upcoming album below!

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28/10/2016 3:09pm

Classic Clip of the Week!

Seeing it is Halloween in a few days time, I thought this week's classic clip should be dedicated to the great Alice Cooper! Making it more relevant to Halloween is the 1986 track Alice did for Friday the 13th: Jason Lives titled 'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)'. Alice was coming out of a dark period of his life and career, and from this point on we saw Alice gain a new generation of fans especially with his 1988 album 'Trash'. This song definitely suits the creepy feel of the movie and is an under rated track. Alice is of course still going strong touring recently with Motley Crue on their farewell tour. Let's hope Alice doesn't have a farewell tour anytime soon. So sit back and enjoy a great 80's video (30th anniversary of the movie BTW) clip from the legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper!!

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27/10/2016 5:28pm

How would you rank the Motley Crue albums?

Here is my order:

1. Shout At The Devil
2. Dr. Feelgood
3. Motley Crue
4. Too Fast For Love
5. Girls Girls Girls
6. Saints Of Los Angeles
7. Theatre Of Pain
8. New Tattoo
9. Generation Swine

I may be biased towards Shout At The Devil as it was the first album I bought by myself, however I still feel it stands up as Motley's greatest album from start to finish. Dr. Feelgood is arguably better, with a great production and some of the bands most well known songs. Their self titled album with Corabi on vocals remains one of the biggest under rated albums in the hard rock scene. Heavier and more aggressive, it was exactly what was needed at the time of release with the music scene changing, yet fans wanted the old Motley, and so it remains an under rated album. Too Fast For Love is one of the best debut albums from any hard rock band, and Girls Girls Girls has some filler yet also some of Motley's most iconic songs. The less said about Generation Swine the better!! would you rank Motley's albums??

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27/10/2016 2:52pm

Hungarian metal act Ektomorf release new video!

Ektomorf have just released a new video for the song 'Aggressor' which is the title track from last years album. Check it out! Hungarian Sepultura!

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27/10/2016 2:46pm

Blink 182 release new video!

New single by Blink 182 from the great new album 'California' is 'She's Out Of Her Mind' which is accompanied by a great video which is a throwback to the 1999 clip for 'What's My Age Again' where the band were running naked throughout the video. This time round, they have three ladies doing the running! Check it out!

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27/10/2016 2:40pm

Evergrey featuring Floor Jansen!!

One of the best songs from the mighty Evergrey's new album 'The Storm Within' is the song that features current Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen titled 'In Orbit'. Well..the band have just released the song as a single and have made a video for the track which you should all check out below!

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