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Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson interviews with Sime

Sime interviews Eric Peterson from Testament about the up and coming album, "Brotherhood of the Snake"!

Death Angel

Rob Cavestany interviews with Dave

Dave interviews Rob Cavestany about the new album being released new week, "The Evil Divide"!

Black Stone Cherry

Interview with Jon by Dave, 11/05/2016

Dave interviews Black Stone Cherry!

You can read the full interview here

Jon from Black Stone Cherry Interview

Wednesday 13

Interview by Dave, 10/04/2016

Dave interviews Wednesday 13 about the up and coming Australian tour, the Murder Dolls, Bowie and moving forward further into his music career!

Chris Henderson

3 Doors Down

Interview by Dave, 31/03/2016

Dave interviews Chris Henderson about the new album "Us and the Night!", touring, music and all things rock!