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The greatest lead guitar sound

0% (0 votes):
Jimi Hendrix

40% (2 votes):
Tom Morello

20% (1 votes):
Jimmy Page

0% (0 votes):
Carlos Santana

0% (0 votes):
Pete Thownshend

0% (0 votes):
Mick Taylor

0% (0 votes):
Angus Young

40% (2 votes):
Eddie Van Halen

0% (0 votes):
Johnny Ramone

0% (0 votes):
Keith Richards

Which artist do you think has the strongest lead rock sound?

Tom MorelloPoll listed: 27/02/2016 1:38pm

5 Superstar Front Men!

5 Legendary Rockers... who is the greatest vocalist of all time?

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)Poll listed: 27/02/2016 9:44am